Massage Therapist 

Earning my certification as a Massage Therapist and Health Educator at National Holistic Institute was the best and easiest choice I made in my young adult life. With over 700 hours of hands on training with some of the best instructors in Sacramento, I was well prepared to start my career as a CMT. I specialize in Joint Mobilization, Myofascial Therapy, Post-Surgery Scar Management and Sports Massage, along with many other techniques. Although I’ve only been a part of Active Life’s team for two years, I have been practicing massage for five years. Inheriting this large and well-established practice here at Active Life is one of my biggest accomplishments so far in the short five years that I have been practicing. Cultivating an environment rich in self-improvement and self-care with my patients is something I am very proud of. I try my best to partake in a lifestyle that directly reflects my practice so that my patients can see how massage therapy and the lifestyle around it can positively affect their life. Being part of Active Life Team Chiropractic makes it that much easier to continue developing this atmosphere. I often collaborate with Dr. Magale and Dr. Casazza to ensure that each patient we share receives the utmost care we can provide them as a team. 

I look forward to continuing my practice with Active Life and helping our community reach their healthcare goals.

Nicole Hernandez