Nutritional Counseling

The Ultra Lite Program


The hallmark of the Ultra Lite Program is simplicity of implementation. This is why healthcare practitioners have been successful in implementing it in their offices, and why compliance by patients is so high. It is important to note however that weight loss for us has two components. The first component is to lose fat while muscle mass is protected, and the second component is to learn how to maintain this fat loss over time – the weight maintenance. Let’s explain below how the “fat loss” phase of the program works using Ultra Lite.


With Ultra Lite patients receive a 30-page manual, 80% of which are recipes. However, if cooking to recipes is of no interest, there are only 3 pages that are important in this manual. These 3 pages list foods people can eat during the weight loss phase. The first page lists the proteins and nuts, the second page lists vegetables, and the third page lists fruits and drinks.


The specific foods you eat and the equivalent amount of protein portions and grams of carbohydrates are also written onto the “Daily Menu Planner” (example shown). This is the information that is reviewed when the patient comes back for their weekly 15–minute check up.


By combining proteins and carbohydrates in the right ratios, patients get into a very mild state of ketosis within 2-4 days of going on the program, at which point they will experience great energy, high mental state and no hunger. In conjunction with combining proteins and carbohydrates in the right ratios, patients also take a nutritional packet between meals, 4x a day as a snack (not a meal replacement).


Once patients achieve ideal weight status they are taken off the ketogenic state, where they are burning fat for fuel, and started on the “Weight Loss For Life” program, where maintenance issues that can stop people from maintaining weight loss over time are addressed.