New Patients - What To Expect

First Visit

The health goals of members of Active Life Team Chiropractic Center vary, from wanting to alleviate and prevent headaches, to increasing energy, to maintaining an already healthy lifestyle. On your first visit, you and your family will meet the doctor to explore your particular goals and learn how Chiropractic can work for you and your intended path to wellness.


Upon arrival, you will be greeted by our awesome Chiropractic Assistant, Yadira (and possibly our friendly canine, Nacho). After completing some short forms, you will meet with the Doctor for your initial consultation to discuss your health history and get to know your health goals.


The initial consultation will be followed by an examination of your spine, posture and physical state. After reviewing these findings, a report will be prepared which will explain the results from your examination and suggest a particular care plan for you. If you feel Chiropractic will be of any benefit to you, then you will go on to become one of the many excited practice members receiving life-changing care at Active Life Team Chiropractic.

Regular Treatment Visits

It is our belief that when you are fully informed about your health condition, you are in a better position to help us help you.


A treatment plan will be recommended.

Once your condition has been explained and a treatment program has been laid out and you have asked any questions you may have, treatment may begin.


After the treatment, you will be reminded of what to do at home for comfort.

I feel important every time I come into the office - they are always smiling and ready to listen to me.

In a word: everybody.



Chiropractic can help reduce pain and tension that occur during and after pregnancy.



The birth process is a difficult moment for newborns and can provoke conditions treatable with Chiropractic care.



Ear infections, postural problems and scoliosis are conditions in infants, children and teenagers commonly treated with Chiropractic care.



All the greatest athletes trust Chiropractic care to optimize their performance and prevent injuries.



Chiropractic helps preserve vitality and independence as well as increases energy and mobility.


Chiropractic care is a well-being lifestyle: For everyone, for your whole life.

Who Can Be Treated?
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